Mentoring and Coaching Packages

Coaching or Mentoring – 6 – 1 hour or 12 – 30 minute sessions

Must be regularly scheduled once or twice a week.
Price: $597.00


Coaching or Mentoring – 12 – 1 hour or 24 – 30 minute sessions

Must be regularly scheduled over a 3 month period.
Price: $997.00

Mentoring or Coaching? Which is right for you? 

Many clients ask me to mentor or coach them for enhancing areas of their life. I am so happy to do this because I enjoy serving others so they may accomplish what they desire from life.

First, let’s discuss the differences between coaching and mentoring. Coaching supports a person in developing in a certain area of their life. It is task oriented in nature and is typically relatively short term. Content is provided and tasks are discussed to reach the desired result or intention. Developing your psychic ability or learning to scry are areas where coaching can help get you to your goal. Coaching is driven or demonstrated by performance. For example, once you’ve developed your psychic ability, coaching would end.

Mentoring is designed to be more relationship oriented. It typically focuses on behavior and personal and spiritual development. A safe environment is provided so that personal issues and areas that are blocked or stuck can be brought to the light and integrated in a positive way. Developing self-confidence, recognizing destructive patterns, work-life balance, self-confidence and releasing fear are all areas where mentorship can help.

Coaching is typically short term where mentoring is longer term or ongoing. Both coaching and mentoring require outlining desired outcomes however coaching will have specific tasks to complete in order to obtain the desired outcome. Mentoring dives deep so there is more of a fluidity to the process as more is uncovered and resolved.

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