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The Burning Bowl Ceremony – Making Room to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

Preparing for New Beginnings! Thinking about new beginnings brings excitement into our lives. Whether it’s a new job, a new relationship or a new place to live, we love the feeling of newness! The same holds true when we begin a new year! We are excited about starting new and fresh! Preparation It’s important to […]

Can We Think Our Way to Health?

300 Billion Dollars Spent Each Year on Stress! It would certainly be worth a try! Stress related illnesses and employee stress related absences cost employers 300 billion dollars annually. Stress is experienced in a variety of ways. 77% of individuals experience pain regularly in their body as a result of the stress they are experiencing. […]

Increase Your Brain Power! Use All 3 Brains

We have 3 brains. That’s right! One in our head, the cephalic brain. One in our gut, the enteric brain and One in our heart, the cardiac brain. It’s important when making decisions that we use all 3! Here’s a quick overview.

What is the Human Aura?

The Aura as Energy The aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body. It is the energy that surrounds your body and radiates from it. Many times people will describe the aura as having a single color, but auras have many colors. Every thought or emotion vibrates at a unique level and draws […]

Brainwave Characteristics – Why It’s Important!

Benefits and Disadvantages of the Various Brain Waves Beta – The ability to think quickly. When a person is high in beta brainwaves, they can think fast, generate new ideas quickly, and be in a high state of functioning. Great when interviewing for a job or studying for an exam.  Excellent for being more social. […]