“Melissa is the nicest and most endearing person I have ever met. The first time I met her I knew there was something special about her. She was able to connect me to my higher self and all my guides, so that I could receive all the information that I need to help me in my current situation. And I love her Theta Meditations & Affirmations CD. It’s awesome to listen to. Thank you Melissa, for all your help!” – Carla

“I have known Melissa for several years and there is uniqueness in her messages and how they are delivered. She can be having a conversation with you about what you believe and she can tell instantly that is not what she sees.

I have seen her messages come true and there is no way she had any prior knowledge of the situation. She has the ability to discuss characteristics of people she has never met and be very accurate. She is very honest and direct with her message so one must want to listen and learn. Her guidance is with the utmost integrity and can seriously help one to understand themselves and help improve underlying beliefs.

Melissa is very genuine and sees this as her journey and one of the many great things she has to offer to help others. I trust her insight and treasure her friendship. What she has to offer all of us is the opportunity to understand, tune into ourselves, improve our own lives and get a perspective on life that you may miss on your own.” – Joe

“Melissa is one of the most genuine and sincere people you will meet. She is an amazing person and I feel honored to know her. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Melissa for a few years now and it was clear right away to me that Melissa had a special gift. She continually amazed me with her level of intuition and insight when we would have casual conversations. I was impressed with how perceptive she is and how she could hone in on details that had not been revealed to her and predict outcome of situations.

Melissa is very honest and direct…. She tells it like she sees it but she does it with a very caring and nurturing spirit. Her amazing insight has helped me personally as well as those close to me. She offers guidance, direction and advice but also makes sure that you understand that life is about free will and choices. Melissa is not only gifted, but a very kind and caring person who’s primary focus is to help people with her special gift and talents. I am grateful to Melissa for the guidance and help she has given me. She is very accurate, sensitive, patient and always positive. Melissa’s energy is pure and sincere. She does her work with professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone seeking guidance, help or direction in any area of their lives.” – Carmela

“We just moved into a new house and right away we knew that we were not alone. It was such a disturbing feeling that I knew something had to be done. Years ago I had met Melissa and knew she was capable of this and she came out right away. Thank you Melissa for clearing out all the negative energies that were attached to my house.” – Linda

“I have had the honor to have Melissa as part of my life within this last year. There was a point in my life where chaos and confusion were overtaking my spirit and soul. I was searching and seeking for truth and confirmation. Melissa took the time and proceeded to do a reading with me. She revealed and uncovered so many areas in my life. I received the confirmation I was looking for. At that very moment I knew I wanted to have her included in my life as my spiritual advisor. Not only was she able to uncover things in my life from a work and money perspective but she looked into my future and predicted the very same thing that had already been predicted in a past reading from someone else.The reading that was life changing for me was her ability to give me peace with my father’s passing a couple of years ago. This was so very precious to me. I had mourned for so long searching for a way to obtain peace of mind. She was able to connect with him and expressed things to me that only my father and I would know amazing! Melissa is not only exceptional at bridging the gaps and heartaches in your life but she is genuinely a very nurturing and amazing person to know. If you ever have a chance to have Melissa work with you consider it a blessing.” – Alana

“I first started taking metaphysical classes with Melissa in October of 2013. Melissa’s classes are not only fun and informative but also I have come to know myself better as well as connecting deeply with other individuals who attend the classes. I have learned so much about my own abilities and gifts that I know I am a divine creation of God’s pure love.

Personally everything for me goes back to God. It’s nice to know I can learn alternative forms of connecting to that greater power that exists that also goes far beyond my traditional upbringing. I feel Melissa’s classes have been transformational for me. Last October I was often fearful of the unknown paranormal experiences from my past and present.

Fast forward 7 months of continued practice in grounding, reading, tuning in, angelic connections and fellowship with like minded individuals and I am a different person. I know and feel that I am protected at all times. I am thankful that Melissa offers these wonderful classes!” – Laura