Funnel vs Eyedropper Questions?

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As human beings, we are curious. It’s human nature to seek knowledge and answers to questions. All we need to know is within us. We just need to know how to ask the right questions.


The first step is to surrender to the question. The mere mention of that word can send panic to many of us and click on our fight or flight instinct. People often think of surrendering as “giving up.” In essence, it means to quit “fighting.” It’s time to let go of our need to control and become available to receive our hearts desires from the universe.

It doesn’t mean to stop taking action. It means allowing the universe to bring us exactly what we want in the fastest, most efficient way. By hanging on and trying to control the way in which the universe brings us our good, we only slow the process. Asking right questions is key.

The Funnel 

Think of a funnel, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. If you’ve ever filled a funnel with something liquid, you’ve watched as the very design of the funnel pulls a vast amount of liquid down into a small opening quickly and efficiently. We might even observe the organization taking place within the funnel.

The Eyedropper

If we turn the funnel over and look at the narrow end, we might compare it to that of an eyedropper. If we try to fill the funnel from this end, we will have a very different experience. The liquid could spill causing a mess and we might not end up with much liquid in the shaft at all. Frustration could set in and we might just give up!

How to Use This Imagery When Asking Questions

Imagine a funnel on your head. The large open end up towards the sky, the smaller end down towards the head. Let your intent be to fill the funnel with information from the Universe, from the Divine. Once you’ve set your intention, it’s time to start asking questions.


The universe is impartial and precise. When we ask a yes or no question, we are only allowing the universe to bring us a yes or no answer. Ask broad based questions.

Let’s say you’ve been searching for a new job. Your current job isn’t bringing you the satisfaction you had hoped for. You’re not exactly sure what you want to do but you know you want something that’s different from your current situation. If you ask, “Should I apply at ABC Company?” the universe may give you a “yes” answer or it may give you a “no” answer. You already know the answer, it’s yes or no! You have asked an eyedropper question and will receive an eyedropper answer.

Instead, ask, “Show me what I need to know about finding a position that brings me great satisfaction.” Woo-hoo! You have opened up the funnel. So grab a pen and piece of paper and start writing down all the ideas the universe funnels your way. Read over your list and then begin to narrow down your options. Feel into the information you receive.


Once you have a short list, take a few moments to get centered and visualize each scenario in your mind. Maybe your list suggests a position as an event coordinator. Imagine how you would feel organizing, managing and executing an event. Drop into your heart space and see how you feel. Then do the same for the other options on your list. By doing this, you will find you end up with a much more heartfelt and robust answer to finding a new position. What you feel may really surprise you.

Additional Questions

Once you’ve narrowed down what feels good to you, then then start to ask more specific questions. “Show me my next step.” “Is there some action I must take before I apply?” I strongly encourage to ask open ended questions throughout the process. Remember, if we try to control how the universe brings us our heart’s desires, the funnel suddenly becomes an eye dropper. We restrict our flow when we try to control everything.  Our job is to ask, allow, receive and take divine action.

So, which type of questioning will you choose, the funnel or the eyedropper?