Space Clearing Isn’t Just For Spring Cleaning

space-clearing-metaphysicalSpring time has always been a time for deep cleaning and deep de-cluttering. Instinctively this year, I started cleaning out closets, sorting through clothes and throwing away old papers that no longer served a purpose.

It felt great, liberating, as if the lid had been taken off an unseen object that had been holding me back. The more I rooted around in the back of a closet or in a bathroom drawer, I felt lifted, free.

Is it possible that “stuff” can hold us back? Keep us captive? I’d always thought that only extreme hording or clutter posed real issues, however this de-cluttering experience of mine was more than just the feeling of deep cleaning my house. It truly spoke to me in a deep way.

While pondering the situation, life has a way of continuing and moving on. And while I was moving through my days taking care of routine and daily tasks, my mind was still perplexed as to why this year seemed so different.

Signs from the Divine

Then, I received my first sign. While attending a nearby Sunday service at the Unitarian Universalist Church, the subject was “Integrating the Inner and the Outer Self.” Wow, this subject really resonated with me. Immediately I realized I had taken the winter to do much needed inner work. I had finished some coursework in Metaphysics, released old patterns of thought using Theta Belief work and had embarked on some creative endeavors. However, my outer world wasn’t mirroring my inner world so I still felt stuck. The act of clearing and cleaning helped bring me my life into balance or integrity.

The second sign arrived during a self-reading of Angel Cards. I received the “Angel of Space Clearing.” The information included removing old thought patterns and bringing congruency between the outer and inner worlds.

As seems to be consistent with other events in my life, many happenings present themselves in threes. So, true to course, I received a third sign. During my meditation one day, “As above, so below, as within, so without” kept repeating itself. The universe was really pushing me to understand the importance of living in integrity.

Creating a Vacuum

The big take-away for me – As we transform and do our inner work, the universe will nudge or push us to make sure it’s reflected in our outer world. In the past, I’ve tried to change my outer world before doing the inner work and that sequence of events is backwards. That’s why many times when we clean something up in our outer world and yet we haven’t done the inner work, what we’ve cleaned up seems to manifest again in a similar way. By addressing the outer first we are still creating a void or vacuum in the universe. And remember from elementary science class, “The universe abhors a vacuum and will seek to fill it.” Just be mindful of any vacuums you are creating! Most importantly follow your inner work up with outer action!

Clearing Space Creates a New Energy

Once we’ve completed our inner and outer work, we have prepared our space for new energy. Using prayer, meditation or ritual can help usher in energy that will aid us in our soul’s evolution. It is the soul’s purpose to express itself in our everyday life as a brighter and brighter light. Clearing out the old thoughts, beliefs and physical space helps us feel lighter and lifted.

Theta Belief work is a great way to clean up your internal thoughts! To schedule a session with Melissa, please use the contact form.