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What is the Human Aura?

The Aura as Energy The aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body. It is the energy that surrounds your body and radiates from it. Many times people will describe the aura as having a single color, but auras have many colors. Every thought or emotion vibrates at a unique level and draws […]

How Your Energy Works!

Energy You are energy! The laws of physics states that energy is not lost or destroyed in the universe, it is transformed. The power at work behind the body’s material appearance with its functions and capabilities consists of a complex energy system without which the physical body could not exist. As a reminder when working […]

What is Reiki?

Many have a misconception of energy healing. Or a fear that energy healing could interfere with personal religious or spiritual beliefs. Nothing could be further from the truth. From a purely scientific point of view, everything, including humans are made up of energy. Albert Einstein is credited with stating, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, […]