The Burning Bowl Ceremony For 2018

Preparing for New Beginnings!

burning bowl ceremony for the new yearThinking about new beginnings brings excitement into our lives. Whether it’s a new job, a new relationship or a new place to live, we love the feeling of newness! The same holds true when we begin a new year! We are excited about starting new and fresh!

Preparation is Key

It’s important to remember to prepare for the new year just as we have prepared for other things new in our lives. If we are looking for a new job, we’ve prepared our resume, we’ve researched open jobs, sent our resume out and brushed up on our interview skills. As we move into a new year, let’s make sure we’ve prepared ourselves. Don’t worry, this isn’t about creating a “plan” with step by step instructions. This is about making room for something wonderful to come into our lives.

In elementary school, we all heard, that the universe abhors a vacuum and will seek to fill it. So, this is a two part process, making room or eliminating what no longer serves us and setting intentions on creating something wonderful.

Release Limiting Beliefs to Make Room

First of all, let’s talk about making room. Take a sheet of paper and write down what you want to release. This can be limiting thought forms, a relationship that just isn’t working any longer, anger, debt, those last 10 lbs. Whatever you want to release, just write it down. Don’t take time to elaborate on what you write because you are still adding energy to those old patterns. Simply write them down.

Letting Go!

Now it’s time to let them go. We are going to burn them…literally in a cleansing fire, letting the universe consume them for us. Of course be careful when burning the piece of paper, I’ve set off the smoke detector in my house before. If possible, use a fire pit or fire place for your fire. Just be careful!

Now, after you’ve released the old, it’s time to set intentions. How do you want to use that space you’ve just created? Take a few moments in the silence and allow new thoughts to fill your mind. Some of what I want to create in 2018 is to finish writing my book with my mother who has passed. She keeps giving me insights and it’s time to collect them into a book. Another way I want to fill my space is to put myself “out there” more even though it may be outside my comfort zone and grow and expand my healing. You get to decide how to fill up your space. Again, I caution you to stay with the big picture, the end results. Let the universe fill in the steps as they are needed over this next year. Put your intentions in a safe place where you can look at them periodically. There is no need to look at them daily, the universe has your back on this!

Allow the Magic!

Now, your job is to allow magic to happen in your life. Start moving in the direction of your intentions. When something inspiring comes along in your life, say “Yes.” In 2018 say “Yes” to the magic of creativity and the magic of what is longing to emerge from within you!

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