What Is The Human Aura?

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The Aura as Energy

human aura energyThe aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body. It is the energy that surrounds your body and radiates from it. Many times people will describe the aura as having a single color, but auras have many colors. Every thought or emotion vibrates at a unique level and draws to it a different color. At times you may see many colors and at other times you may see a predominant color because that color is so bright and vibrant that it grabs all of your attention.

The word aura comes from the Greek word avra, meaning “breeze”. The ancients knew about auras. Artists have depicted them as halos, nimbuses, aureoles and glories in paintings. A halo is typically painted as a circle of light about or above the head. The nimbus is also a circle of light but can be around the entire body or a portion of it. Aureoles are painted as light about the body and a glory is painted as radiance surrounding the head of a saint.

The aura constantly fluctuates according to our moods and emotions. It reflects our state of health on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Seen as an egg-shape or an oval the aura magnetic field of vibration that surrounds each person is similar to the way light a lit candle.

The Auric Bands

There are 8 bands to the colored bands of the aura. The ovum is a 1/8th inch space between the first color emanation and the physical body. It appears blank to us, however, it contains information gathered from the other layers of the aura.

  1. Health or Physical Band – It holds data about your body; its physical makeup, survival, earth and health information. Since it’s closest to the body, it is the heaviest and densest layer.
  2. Emotional Band – It represents your inner persona or the part of you that is your true self. This level represents the “feeling” level of the person’s experience. It holds your emotions and feelings, information about your sensuality and your sexuality. How you feel about yourself, the essence of your character and personality in this life resides in this layer. Still somewhat heavy, this layer is lighter than the physical layer.
  3. Mental Band – This band represents how you channel your mental thoughts into taking action. In this layer you use your abilities to create your own reality. This is how you use your energy to make to make or do what you want in the physical.
  4. Para-conscious or Love Band – This band represents your ability to love. It is the band where you connect with and use your intuition and ESP. It is the storage area of your identity, your love for yourself, your ability to love others and your outer personality in this lifetime.
  5. Causal or Communication Band – This band depicts you as a communicator. This communication includes your communication style and reflects your personal karma and previous action. Past lives are noticeable in this layer. This layer shows your ability as a spiritual being to be aware and communicate with other human beings, to interact with other realms of reality and to exchange information with others.
  6. Spiritual or seeing band – This band sees and deals with abstract concepts. It reflects your ability to see clearly. This layer shows your inner concept of spirituality.
  7. Cosmic or All Knowing Band – This band is your higher being’s view of itself and the planet. New ideas and actions often show up in this layer first and then move through the layers of the aura closer to the body where they become active life experiences. Information about your spiritual being and what it wants to do in this lifetime is often found in this layer. Many times this layer contains many different colors as the Spiritual Being is pure energy. It knows everything about who you are and what you came here to do.
  8. Outer Edge – The outer edge is the area where connection and communication with the Cosmic Oneness of life takes place. It is the part of your spirit that blends with the universal consciousness. It is the awareness of being One with the One.